Collaborative Networks of Cognitive Systems

Recent advances in artificial intelligence, specifically in the areas of; machine learning, sensorial perception, reasoning, communication capabilities, and human-machine interaction, lead to a new generation of cognitive systems that fundamentally challenge the foundations of past information systems.

With the explosion of available data, cognitive systems can learn, reason, and more effectively interact with users and their surrounding environments, thus enabling higher levels of collaboration between humans and systems. Conversely, users are increasingly becoming connected and pro-active participants in physical eco-systems as opposed to being passive recipients of various top-down optimization regimes, thus paving the way to a new generation of “user-in-the-loop” cognitive systems leveraging on domain semantics and higher order intelligence.

Growing levels of hyper-connectivity among people, organizations, smart things, and cognitive systems and machines point to new perspectives on collective awareness, collective intelligence, and even collective emotions.

This emerging reality challenges the way collaborative networks and systems are designed and operate. New forms of collaborative problem-solving can be devised, while the system’s evolutionary nature and its resilience and sustainability perspectives become the key issues.  On the other hand, there is a need to better understand the potential for value creation through collaborative approaches in this context.

PRO-VE 2018 will provide a forum for sharing experiences, discussing trends, identifying challenges, and introducing innovative solutions aimed at fulfilling the vision of goal-oriented collaboration in networks of cognitive systems.